Shipping Policy

In order to fully adhere to deadlines and clarify the shipping and delivery process to the customer, we must clarify some of the following points:


  • We are working on coordinating the mechanism for sending the shipment between warehouses during peak times, with the exception of official holidays in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which may take (2-3 working days) due to coordination with the warehouses.
  • Requests executed during official holidays will begin to be coordinated during the first working day after the official holidays.
  • All required data must be filled out correctly to avoid delaying the arrival of your order.
  • If the order is returned by the carrier due to the customer’s negligence or failure to respond to the delivery company on the confirmed date for delivering the order, or when you are not present at the address mentioned to receive the order and the shipment is returned by the carrier. Please note that the shipping fees will be deducted from the customer at that time. The shipment will not be refunded until its shipment is coordinated again, with 10% of the shipment value being calculated in storage and the shipping value.

  • We will send an SMS as soon as your order is confirmed. You can then use the tracking number to follow up on the order on the carrier’s website. For some orders, this is done through the carrier’s website. It may take 48 hours for the tracking number to activate. For other inquiries, please send us an email.

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Our customer service team is pleased to assist you in changing the delivery date and address based on your request, but if you receive an email stating that the order has been sent, we cannot change the address.